Getting Closer to the Mission Field!

Following is a summary of what life is like in the MTC!  This week has been just like the last three:  The food is about the same, and so is the schedule. We wake up at around 6:00-6:30 a.m. depending on our ability to sleep (which is sometimes difficult). Then we go to our classroom for a 30 minute district devotional or personal study time. Sometimes we watch Mormon Messages, which can help us through our struggles and are pretty amusing to watch as well.
Hunter's district on the Provo temple grounds.

Hunter’s district on the Provo temple grounds.

After that we go to breakfast at 7:30.  A district favorite, out of a slim selection of breakfast items, is biscuits and gravy.  We have also decided that they are the root of all evil, causing all sorts of digestive problems!
After breakfast we hustle back to class for a three hour block of “progressing investigator” (a type of teaching lesson unit), companion study, gospel fundamental study (which covers different aspects of missionary work), and language instruction.  Right after class we do more personal study for an hour.  It’s really crucial in our busy schedule to kind of sit back and take in the scriptures to strengthen for ourselves.
After that I go get mail for the district, which is always a fun occasion.  Mail is always a highlight of the day.  After that we have lunch, which is usually some type of burger or pasta, as well as some leftovers from breakfast.  After lunch we have a couple of different schedules throughout the week that consist of an hour of language study, as well as another three hour block of classes, and usually gym time, dinner, and then lights out at 10:30.
Elders Burbidge and Salisbury sniffing a tree that "smells like cream soda!"

Elders Burbidge and Salisbury sniffing a tree that “smells like cream soda!”

I’ll have to say goodbye to some friends that I’ve made here tomorrow as they’re leaving for the mission field.  I’m excited for them and excited to be the oldest “MTC” age group here in our zone!  I’m actually second oldest among the elders in our zone!  It’s amazing how the new age change has thrown a twist in missionary work.  I’m outta time so I’ll write again next week!  Love to all my family and friends who are reading this blog – I miss you but am excited to be doing this important work.
Elder Burbidge and Elder Salisbury smelling a tree that “smells like cream soda!”