Scripture Study Hints & Ideas

Hey everyone!

I had a good experience this week when I was on exchanges with one of my house mates, Elder Gacoscos. He is pretty far along on his mission. He has been out for more than a year and a half and I learned so much from him! He is incredibly fluent in…. THE SCRIPTURES. Yeah, it was truly amazing to see and listen to him teach with the pure doctrine from the scriptures. If somebody had a question, he could solve it immediately by pulling out the correct piece of paper in his internal library of scriptures. I was amazed. I decided for myself that I would try harder to delve in to the scriptures in my studies.


I’ve started to begin my studies with a question or concern of an investigator or of a common conception of God or doctrine.  Using the King James Bible I look up the term or terms that are centered on that issue. I’ve learned about some pretty interesting links between the Book of Mormon and the Bible. It’s getting fun to learn about that kind of stuff and I encourage all future missionaries back home to do it!  It’s helping a lot.

As well as finding evidences of truth, as we read the scriptures we feel the truth. If we are really searching and looking for something we can be lead to the answer and it will mean more to us. We will be able to remember the things that we have learned and when a trial or question comes up in our life, we have a storage that we can draw from, a water that we can drink of and never thirst.

We have thunder and lightning almost every night here! It’s my favorite. It’s awesome to be walking down the street and see these HUGE clouds coming toward us. I guess it floods really bad where we are assigned to work, so I’m not sure what will happen when we get a big rain storm.  But we’ll find out I guess! haha.

Keep Keepin’ On!  Find the happiness and joys in life. If we focus too much on the negatives, that’s what we become.  Be a positive influence in the lives of others!


Elder Hunter Burbidge


Quick Hello from Elder Hunter Burbidge

Hey everyone – I don’t have a lot of time to post a blog today but it was really good to Skype with my parents and Tyler last week on Mother’s Day!  And holy cannoli – I can’t believe Brandi is going to have another kid and he might come early!!! (editor’s note: Hunter’s Aunt Brandi is almost 7 months pregnant and had to be hospitalized last week because her water broke early.  She is on hospitalized bed rest until the baby comes.  Coincidentally she is in the same hospital – Tacoma General – where Hunter & Tyler were born prematurely over 20 years ago!) 

Elder Burbidge's new area of Kawit.

Elder Burbidge’s area of Kawit.

I heard that you guys had smoked chicken and sausage for dinner, but that doesn’t beat pig’s blood soup, cured duck eggs, and fake hamburger!  I am going to make tacos this week though. We bought ground pork and taco seasoning!! Except no cheese 😦 – oh well!

Well that’s about it for today – sorry no long blog post.  We have a district activity later today and we’re already kind of late!  I love you all!  Be faithful always!


Elder Hunter Burbidge

Let it Rain in Kawit

Hey everyone – I don’t have much time for a blog post this week, but here is a short, funny experience thatme and my new companion, Elder Pedong, had this week…

So for those who aren’t keeping track of the weather in the Philippines, it hasn’t rained here for a longgggg time! This week it came out of nowhere though. We woke up one morning and we saw all of these HUGE clouds coming our way and we got really excited for some refreshing natural air-conditioning.
Me and my companion, Elder Pedong, were walking back to the bus stop at around 8:30 p.m. when the heavens opened and the floods came down! It didn’t actually flood, but we had to walk for a good 10 minutes in pouring down rain!  It reminded me of football practices when we would be out in the rain for hours and the water would run in to our eyes, combined with sweat, and start to burn.  Although it hurt, it was a good memory!  My companion kept saying, “OOOHHH NOOOO!!!!” over and over again in a sarcastic, funny, joking way.  I can’t explain it but we started laughing for a long time. We were so thankful for the rain!  Even though all of our books and materials were getting wet, it was one of the favorite parts of my mission yet.
I’m thankful for the tender mercies of the Lord.  He truly desires for us to be happy in this life AND the next! Keep progressing, keep reading, giving thanks to all.  Be happy!  Sorry for the short blog, maybe a better one next week!  Susunod pa lang!
Elder Hunter Burbidge