Tanza Philippines Update – February 16, 2014

Hello everybody from the Philippines!

Elders Burbidge and Doloritis getting around!

Elders Burbidge and Doloritis getting around!

This week has been really beneficial to me. I’ve learned a lot and have felt the love of a lot of people in the branch where I’m serving. I’m starting to notice the general kindness of people here in the Philippines. It’s a good example to me of how to become more Christlike, WHICH SHOULD BE A GOAL FOR EACH ONE OF US.

I want to elaborate on this a little bit more. Yesterday, we were teaching one of our investigators, and as it happens a lot of the time, somebody else starts listening in. But this time it was a little 9 year old kid. He had just popped out of nowhere. We had just finished teaching the 10 commandments to the investigator and I asked her why it is important for us to follow these commandments. Before she could answer, this little 9 year old boy chimed in, “So we can become more like Jesus Christ”. I didn’t understand him at first, so I started asking the question again to the investigator, but I didn’t finish. I figured out what the boy had said, and it was exactly correct. That’s our purpose in following the commandments and the laws of God. It’s so we can become more like our Brother and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. We always need to strive to follow these commandments. Whatever our situation is, we can follow them. God will NEVER give us a trial, commandment, or answer that we cannot overcome, obey, or act upon. I’m thankful for my Savior. I’m thankful for His atonement. Use it in your life. If you don’t know how, read the scriptures, talk to the missionaries or a friend, and find out. We need it to return to our Heavenly Father again.

I hope everybody has a good week. Always strive to do your best and be helpful to everyone you meet. It will pay off and you will lead a happier life!

Beautiful Philippines Sunset!

Beautiful Philippines Sunset!


-Elder Burbidge

Time for “Super Summer” in the PA

Hello everyone!

It looks like there was some snow in the Pacific Northwest last night! Not here in the South Pacific.  I just showed my Filippino companion the pictures my family sent me of the snow at home and he was totally amazed!  I’m jealous because it’s been super hot this week. We’re going in to a season called, “SUPER SUMMER” which goes from March to May or so… I guess it gets supppper hot. I’m not too excited, but by the time I know it, I’ll be over that as well, and adjusted!  I appreciate hearing about when members back home help the missionaries. Those people who help the missionaries will be remembered for their assistance forever in the mind of the missionary. I know it!

Getting ready for the "Super Summer" by staying hydrated!

Getting ready for the “Super Summer” by staying hydrated!

We reached our goal for less active and recent convert lessons and had NINE less active members at church on Sunday!  I just want to let you all know that God has a plan for each one of us. He puts us in line with certain people for a reason. I’ve gained some great insights about that out here in the mission field. I’ve met so many people that I’ve become close friends with. I’m now at the 6 month mark in my mission! I’m thankful to be a missionary of Jesus Christ. I love it! There’s nothing else like it. It has helped me grow immensely. I know it’s a true work.

Hope everybody has a good week!

Also, Happy Valentines day to everybody!

-Elder Hunter Burbidge

My companion, Elder Doloritos, and our friend Kieth, who did missionary work with us all week long last week!

My companion, Elder Doloritos, and our friend Kieth, who did missionary work with us all week long last week!

Elder Burbidge Checks in from Starfish!


The Philippine sky at night!

This photo of the night sky was taken in a place called “Starfish”.  I embellished it a little bit with my camera settings but this is pretty much how beautiful it was!!  My companion, Elder Doloritos, is featured in the photo!

First I just want to start off by saying that miracles are possible and prayers are answered. This week we had a pretty amazing experience. We have still been really struggling lately in finding new people to teach who accept our message.  We decided that we would go teach one of the members here that lives pretty far away. We were planning on teaching her a simple lesson and then asking for a referral for someone that she thought would like to listen to us. Well, when we got there she introduced us to a 17 year old young man that had just been hired as a cleaner at her house. We started talking to him a little bit and come to find out he had been taught by the missionaries a lot in a different area and then he had to move! So, long story short, he is super receptive and ready for the gospel.

I’m still in my first area of Tanza!  I didn’t get transferred so I probably will next time, but you never really know. Wherever the Lord wants to put me, I’ll be there! I’m starting to realize that His plan for me (and all of us), is HIS plan.  It’s our plan because it’s made for us, but He created our plan for each one of us.  He will tell us the answers if we ask in prayer, and we will know our plan if we are humble enough and ready to receive it.  If you have a question about life, pray about it.  It doesn’t matter who you are.  He will answer.

I’m becoming more and more comfortable in the Philippines, the culture is easier to handle now and I’m even enjoying a lot of things about it (except for laundry). I ate this stuff called “Blooded Pork” on Friday and it’s maybe one of my favorite things ever. It’s fun to try new things! As long as you’re careful..

Blooded pork

“Diniguan” as how Chabacanos pronounce it or Dinuguan is a Filipino savory stew of blood and meat simmered in a rich, spicy gravy of pig blood, garlic, chili, and vinegar. The term dinuguan comes from the Filipino word dugo meaning “blood”.

I hope all is well back home! Congrats to the Seahawks for winning the Superbowl.. That’s awesome! Have a good week everybody.

-Elder Hunter Burbidge