Enjoying the Mission Life in Las Pinas

Hello everyone!  We have a busy day today so not much of a blog post here, but I have sent some photos of me and Elder Collins supporting the Seahawks!!! GO HAWKS!!!

Go Hawks!!

Go Hawks!!

In other events, I will just tell you that I have been having some lower GI distress lately which is inconvenient as a missionary when we’re proselyting because there really isn’t anywhere to go!  But other than that its going great!

The most exciting thing is that we were able to see the Lachica family get baptized! That was quite the story, haha!  We got to the church at about 3:30 p.m. and the baptism was supposed to start at 4:00 p.m. but the font wasn’t filled up yet, and the lock on the water was locked and nobody had a key.  Long story short, President Tye ended up coming and was able to get the lock off…and then the whole baptismal service was amazing.

The Lachiga family, Elder Collins, and Elder Burbidge ready for baptisms.

The Lachica family, Elder Collins, and Elder Burbidge ready for baptisms.

In this area they let the newly baptized members bear their testimony at the end of the service. The mom and the dad of the family bore two of the most heart felt, sincere testimonies I’ve ever heard. The mom just couldn’t stop crying and thanking everybody for their help and for the knowledge that she now has. It was pretty amazing. And then the father has started referring all of his friends and family to us, so its fun trying to keep all the “Lachicas” straight.. but anyway.. we’re happy!

Goofing around with the birthday boy!

Goofing around with the birthday boy!

Elder Collins and Elder Burbidge with the birthday party kids!

Elder Collins and Elder Burbidge with the birthday party kids!

I have included some photos of Melchor’s birthday – it was a group of crazy kids just being goofy and silly.  Fun times here in the PHI!  Time is flying by! I love doing this work, and I’m glad that you two are getting into helping the missionaries with lessons when you can. Keep doing it! Its the sweetest feeling ever. I miss you guys a ton…but am happy to be serving the Lord.  


Elder Hunter Burbidge

Starting the New Year off with a Bang!

From the week of January 4th:

Hello Hello Hello! This week has been maybe one of the most surprising ones in my mission.  I’m now companions with one of the missionaries from my batch when I was in the MTC over a year and a half ago!  His name is Elder Collins and he is from Draper, Utah. He is super funny and super fun to be around. I think we laugh like 75% of the time, and its great! He is a pretty chill guy who likes to have fun and its totally helping me be more positive.  

We found out that one of our investigators randomly lost his job, but he had received a confirmation that he was ready for baptism, and wants to be baptized as soon as possible, so we’re preparing him to be ready on the 17th of January, as well as his wife. So we’re really excited and so humbled to see the hand of the Lord work in the lives of others.

I was so amazed when the investigator was talking to us. We were both totally struck with amazement. I looked over at Elder Collins and he had the jaw drop look going and I could tell he was totally stoked out of his mind to be here. We both have had the same kind of mission and we are super excited to be here in this area with such a great ward and such great friends and zone.  He is super diligent and its nice to push each other to be the best that we can. I’m learning so much from him.

We got fed a lot again by our members here. New Year’s was crazy… Following are a couple photos of me gettin’ CRAZY!!  It was awesome.  And to answer the sleep question, even if we tried to sleep we wouldn’t have been able to.  It was as if there was a war outside haha I love you guys so much!

Feeling Chill at New Year's

Feeling Chill at New Year’s

Happy New Year's!

Happy New Year’s!

From the week of January 11th:

Hello everyone! I don’t even know what to begin with this week… So much has happened! I guess I’ll just say that I’ll add on to, and testify to what Keely Burnette titled her email “I Believe in Miracles”.  I am so thankful for the tender mercies of the Lord. 

The family that we have been teaching for a long time, who were going to be baptized as a couple on the 17th, will now hopefully be baptized on the 24th WITH THEIR CHILDREN! I’m so excited! These little kids are starting to pick things up pretty well. Their father who is still an investigator is helping them review on the days or times that we don’t go there, and is giving us other referrals and family members for us to teach. This man is amazing. He lost his job, has little or no money to support his family, has 7 children under the age of 11, has people persecuting him for wanting to join the church, and he just bears pure testimony how it has helped him.

That’s all the gospel can do for us – is just HELP. Thats what it is.  As missionaries we are nothing if the gospel is not at the center of our lives. We help people through nothing BUT the gospel. Its in our purpose!  I’m learning to appreciate more and more this time that the Lord has given to me to serve Him. I love it. I always have, its just taking on a new meaning now. It feels good to focus completely on the work.

The Lachica Family with me and Elder Collins.

The Lachica Family with me and Elder Collins.


Being goofy with the Lachica’s


Elder Burbidge