Feeling Grateful in Las Pinas

Repin' LP!

Repin’ LP!

Hello all!  I had a pretty good week this week. A lot of times if we have kind of an off week, I get kind of bummed. We didn’t get the amount of lessons or new investigators or people at church as we usually do (we worked just as hard), so it felt kind of like a weird week, but I’ve been looking back on this week and I’m learning a lot about myself. I’m learning a lot about how to study and apply things better, i’m learning about how to use time more effectively, and i’m learning about how blessed I am.

There was a sister in the Las Pinas 3rd ward that just got back from her mission maybe 3 months ago.. so I heard her coming home testimony/talk.. and she could barely speak she was so tired. She couldn’t really focus and stuff… so I thought she was kind of weird… BUT that was before… now, this time she got up and gave one of the better talks I have ever heard about gratitude. I guess the area she was in was really poor as well.. and she had to witness a lot of people living in extreme poverty.. so I could connect, but she just shared  a lot of experiences where people would live in gratitude even though their situations were really crazy such as “houses” without walls.. one shirt.. no food.. stuff like that. And it just kind of touched my heart to hear all the stories that she shared about it.

Back street near Elder Burbidge's apartment.

Back street near Elder Burbidge’s apartment.

Getting the laundry done...

Getting the laundry done…

I’m so grateful to serve here in the Philippines Cavite mission. I’m sorry if I ever complained about my areas being hard or poor or anything like that. Thats not what is important. The people are the important thing. I kind of got caught up in only finding out faults in their beliefs… so one thing I’m trying to do right now is to push that aside first, and then get to really know that person for what their interests are, what they struggle with. Sometimes it is kind of difficult here because a lot of people are shy, so you really need to let them know how much you care about them before they open up. I’m still trying to do this better.. but if you could pray that I might be able to do better at it… that would be such a help.

Sometimes i feel a certain urge to do better or be better, push harder, or concentrate more, and I know its coming from your prayers. Thank you 🙂 There is a scripture I’d like to share with you guys.. its one that I recently came across.. its in Alma 50 and verse 20. It just talks about how blessed a family can be if they all keep the commandments of God. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do that in our family.  Me and Elder Baylon have pictures from home taped up on our walls in front of our desks.  I thought it would make me a little homesick… but we decided to use them as a push for us to do better.. a reminder that we are blessed.  But anyway… I was looking at them today and I realized the only things that matter in life is a gospel centered family. So I’m thankful for that.  I can’t wait to see you guys.. but I’m always grateful that you’re supporting me here on my mission.

Tyler seems like he has been pretty busy lately.. from my understanding, I’ll get to see him before too soon again!  We’re getting fingerprinting done again in about 2-3 months for when we go home so that’ll be cool to see him again.  I love you! 


Elder Hunter Burbidge

Elder Baylon and Elder Burbidge getting soaked!

Elder Baylon and Elder Burbidge getting soaked!