Staying Busy with the Missionary Work!

Hey, sounds like you guys are pretty busy! So are we! Just like last week, we are really really really really trying to focus on families, baptism, and maybe the most wonderful thing in this world other than The Book of Mormon and The Bible, which is the missionary guidebook called PREACH MY GOSPEL!  I can’t even express my gratitude to our modern day revelators and to God for putting together a book of such magnitude and perfection. IF THERE ARE ANY YOUNG PEOPLE PREPARING TO GO ON A MISSION, STUDY PREACH MY GOSPEL!!  ALL OF IT.  Please… master Preach My Gospel before you get on the mission and learn more as you go.  Look at the small things.  Each sentence has a meaning.  Pick it apart.  Keep a study journal. Just do it #Nike!

 So that’s what I’ve been trying to learn for the last 21 months of my mission and it is just now clicking.  Imagine if I would’ve been this into it for the whole thing!  This work has begun to be delicious unto my soul. I can’t express it.


Filipino flag flying proudly in the sunlight.


Taking some time to chilax after a busy week!

Okay, as for all the other stuff thats going on.. we went to a place called the Bonifacio Shrine last Monday, I’ll send some pictures. It was pretty awesome. We took a hike, and then got to this place with a huge monument tucked behind the mountains. It was super quiet and we kind of just chilled and read scriptures. I got a pretty sweet picture of the filippino flag.. with a mango tree. Oh yeah, I love mangoes. they are SOOOO good. 


The shrine entrance…

Me and my companion get along well.  He is always wanting to learn and teach, he is a scripture beast, and he really loves the restoration and explains it really well to non-members.  Uhhhhhhhh, if you want to know how important baptism of repentance is, take a look at Alma 9:26-28 and marvel at the work that we have to do.  EVERYBODY needs a chance for this to happen to them!

The local church building!

The local church building!

Have a great week and know that I am working hard!


Elder Hunter Burbidge

Transferred to Maragondon & Mother’s Day Visit

Transfer day!

Transfer day!

Well – it was inevitable that change must come and Elder Burbidge has been transferred to the City of Maragondon at the furthest Western edge of his mission.

Elder Burbidge's new area of Maragondon

Elder Burbidge’s new area of Maragondon

Elder Burbidge with Elder Baylon

Elder Burbidge with Elder Baylon

After the transfer, Elder Burbidge was able to Skype home for Mother’s Day and had a great conversation with his family.  The connection wasn’t great, but we were able to communicate okay!