Quick Hello from Elder Hunter Burbidge

Hey everyone – I don’t have a lot of time to post a blog today but it was really good to Skype with my parents and Tyler last week on Mother’s Day!  And holy cannoli – I can’t believe Brandi is going to have another kid and he might come early!!! (editor’s note: Hunter’s Aunt Brandi is almost 7 months pregnant and had to be hospitalized last week because her water broke early.  She is on hospitalized bed rest until the baby comes.  Coincidentally she is in the same hospital – Tacoma General – where Hunter & Tyler were born prematurely over 20 years ago!) 

Elder Burbidge's new area of Kawit.

Elder Burbidge’s area of Kawit.

I heard that you guys had smoked chicken and sausage for dinner, but that doesn’t beat pig’s blood soup, cured duck eggs, and fake hamburger!  I am going to make tacos this week though. We bought ground pork and taco seasoning!! Except no cheese 😦 – oh well!

Well that’s about it for today – sorry no long blog post.  We have a district activity later today and we’re already kind of late!  I love you all!  Be faithful always!


Elder Hunter Burbidge

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