Being the Lord’s Hands

So this week we were invited to do a service project for a non-member friend of a member. He owns what is called a junk shop (they recycle and make things reusable, usually metals and cardboard) and we thought we were going to help him move some of his products and materials to a new location. Well, we got there and found out that they needed help dismantling the building due to a road widening project by the government. We were a little aprehensive as we started to pick through some of the things in the building and eventually getting to the 2x4s and plywood.  But all I could hear were jokes, positive comments, and thanks coming from each person. I saw smiles and laughter as we carefully removed each piece of the building.

There was also some non-members helping us as well and it was fun to interact with them and help them. At one point, a specialized metalworker was cutting part of the base of a garage door, and the metal saw slipped down on to the top of his hand. Everybody was kind of scared because we saw blood on the ground, but nobody who we could see was bleeding. We noticed that one of the workers was gone and we went to go look for him. He was trying to do first aid on himself and wasn’t having too much success. We were able to apply the first aid that we knew to help the man and I felt blessed to be a part of it.

I think about how Christ healed. How he lifted. How he gained trust with His disciples. He did that through serving and providing hope and comfort. I’m thankful for the healing sacrifice of Jesus Christ our Savior, and I know that it is true. I know that we can be saved if we allow others to help us and even sometimes if we allow them to see our problems. As we gain understanding and leave sin, we can accept the fact that we are ALL children of Heavenly Father and that He loves us more than we can ever imagine. I’m grateful to be a part of His work on the earth!

Here’s a picture of the district after the service project! The part behind us was what we took down.

-Elder Hunter Burbidge

Service project missionaries and friends

Service project missionaries and friends.  Elder Burbidge reppin’ the T-Birds!

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