Quick Hello!


I’m late with my blog post this week due to some previous issues that came up and we also had a mission activity!  I’m safe from the recent round of rain-storms that have come through here. I have also heard that there may be some storms coming up this next week as well and this last week it was pretty rainy!  I’ve never experienced anything like it before with the large amount of rain that falls in such a short amount of time, but you know me – I’m a storm chaser so I love it!

I love you all. Susunod na lang…

Elder Hunter Burbidge

2 thoughts on “Quick Hello!

  1. I love storms too!! I experienced a monsoon once in Vegas-that was something else. You’d think living in western Washington would make it no big deal but I was amazed. It was like a curtain of water! Sounds like you’re handling it all and doing well so keep on keepin on, Hunter 🙂 Take care…hugs hugs hugs!

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