Keeping the Flame Alive in Kawit

Alright folks – my parents keep wanting me to write kind of a daily log of missionary life – so here it goes!

Last Monday was our P-day (it stands for “Preparation Day”) and we had to go to the town of Maragondon for my companion’s eye because he had some sort of stye thing.  So we visited the hospital there and got some treatment for it.  We emailed home and to our mission president while we were waiting around there, and then we returned home to Kawit. We started cleaning and then realized it was getting close to time to go work so we dropped everything and got ready and went to work!

Tuesday we had a district meeting with the missionaries that I am responsible for.  I shared some principles about preparing investigators for baptism and how investigators should be ready for the actual day.  For example, what needs to happen with the font, how to schedule an interview, etc.
Wednesday was pretty normal day in the life of a missionary here.  We had spaghetti and then our roommate made chicken adobo for dinner that was pretty good.
Thursday was Zone Conference, which is with a larger area than just our district.  It is taught by the zone leaders which are the missionaries that I report to as a District Leader. There was a lot of discussion about cleanliness of apartments, and then the other part was about diligence, my favorite!!!!
Friday we had weekly planning.  It always surprises me how fast weekly planning goes!  It amazes me how fast the days seem to go by here – sometimes they all blur into one!
So we are getting a lot of new investigators to teach the gospel to, and we are trying really hard to extend serious baptismal dates to them.  The chapel that we have been waiting for in this ward still isn’t open, so we have to travel a bit to get back and forth from our living area to our work area.
Sunday we partook of the sacrament, as usual, at church.  I’ve really gained an appreciation for it here on my mission. I look forward to it each week.
I don’t have any time left, but I just want to say that I pray for you guys all the time.  Stay in the right way. I miss home very intensely at some points, and at others I feel the love of family and friends so strong.  I’m thankful for all of the lessons that my parents and others have taught me and I’m so thankful for the diligent people, members, parents, and children of God that you are.
I love you,

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