Excited About “Preach My Gospel” – the Missionary Guide!

The Tanza Zone!

The Tanza gang!

Hello everyone! I just have a short blog post this week, but I hope you understand. We’re just busy spreading the good word. And there’s like only six weeks left, so I’ll probably remember what happened this week when I talk to you at home and I’ll fill you in on the details.. But just one detail for the first… PREACH MY GOSPEL is my best friend. I love it. It is teaching me so many things about what PURE DOCTRINE means. You teach it the way God wants you to teach it and the Spirit can testify of it as you teach. It just clicks now. Its kind of difficult sometimes to make sure you get the right message across in your teaching, but when you do, hearts change, souls are that much closer to being saved, and you feel so good about your calling.

Last night for example, we taught a less active mother and father about the difference of the meaning of immortality and eternal life, because there is a difference and it is SO different. One is living forever in a sad state, and the best is living forever in a happy state in the presence of God. It changed his heart.. In Alma 7 it talks about Alma sensing that those who he was teaching were being influenced by the spirit.. and I’ll tell you what, the more I apply the principles of PMG, the better it gets. It kind of gets at me sometimes too.. that I didn’t do this for the first 21 months of my mission.. but hey, the Lord has a plan for all of it right? I’m looking forward to studying the word of God through Preach My Gospel, to greater edify others for the rest of my life. I love it. 

Also, I just found out my companion is transferring and I’m going to have a new companion so I’m excited for that. This Preach My Gospel thing can work for anybody and I am looking forward to using it in our companionship.. It changed me, I’m sure it’ll change any soul with a desire to serve God.  It is so weird to think that this is my last transfer period in the mission.  So weird.

This week we’re trying to work really hard with a 15 year old kid who needs to be interviewed on Saturday, but is still struggling to read the Book of Mormon. Just pray for him that he’ll gain a desire to read it 🙂

Thats about it! Here are some of the weekly pictures! 


Elder Hunter Burbidge

Elder Baylon is headed home, he was a great companion and close friend!

Elder Baylon is headed home, he was a great companion and close friend!

Philippine Sunset - so cool!

Philippine Sunset – so cool!

Fiesta in the local area.

Fiesta in the local area.

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