Changes on the Horizon…But Still Working Hard in Las Pinas!

Hey everyone!  It’s been a busy week and I don’t even know where to start!  I’ve been getting Tyler’s awesomely laid out emails with schedules and things – but my weeks aren’t really like his, haha, so its kind of harder for me to keep track of what happens.
Last Thursday we had a specialized training meeting with all of the Zone Leaders and all of the District Leaders. We mainly just talked about how to correct behaviors and how to deal with some specific trials that have come up in the mission.  We had hot dogs for lunch and got to go to the mission home, so that was pretty fun!
I’m guessing that I may be released as a zone leader this upcoming transfer day.  I’d be just fine with that, but we’ll see what happens.  I’ll do whatever I’m asked!  If there is one thing that I’ve been learning about and trying really hard to apply, its the fact of just doing something because somebody asks you to.  They have a reason to ask you to do it, so just obey willingly for good causes.
I also, (assuming I transfer) had to say goodbye to maybe some of the coolest investigators I’ve ever met, the Eras family.  They are super funny and they are really diligent in studying the gospel as a family. The father is a member, and so we are mostly teaching the mom and daughter, but the father makes such a difference in a lesson. Teaching families is my favorite.
Elder Burbidge and Elder Baylon with the Eras Family

Elder Burbidge and Elder Baylon with the Eras Family

This week I’ve been amazed at the capabilities of others. Some people that we have taught/are teaching are going through some of the craziest things that I can’t even put together in my mind. People here are so faithful. Miracles are real.
Also, with things “winding down”, its getting hard to accept that I won’t be this “full time missionary” anymore and it makes me really sad. Thanks to Tyler for explaining that better in his email, but I’m definitely feeling it too.
Anyway, I can’t really explain everything that I’m feeling right now. Just still going at it. I don’t really want to accept that this is ending. Not sure if I want it to or not…. But I know it will, and I’m trying to brace for it, but I also don’t want to think about it too much, but I need to make sure things are okay… Dunno.
Well – I’ll let you know if and where I get transferred to next week.  Love you and say hi to everyone!
Elder Hunter Burbidge

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