Transfer Time! Headed to Las Pinas.

Heloooooo everybody!  Hey guess what?  I’m getting transferred to a place called Las Pinas and I’m going to be a Zone Leader (ZL).  So today is busy for a P-Day because all of the missionaries in my current zone are getting together to go to the church and we’re going to watch a movie.

As a ZL I will have the opportunity to attend Mission Leader Conferences (MLC’s) and work with other companionships and perform training and assistance to the District Leaders who are serving in my area.  My new companion is named Elder Perkins and I have met him before and he seems pretty nice so that will be cool.  He’ll be going home in December so I’ll get to train a new Zone Leader for Christmas!

I heard that Tyler was made AP of his mission – haha that is so awesome for him!  He’s going to be so great.  I wish he was my AP haha!  

So Las Pinas is definitely a large city (over 500,000 people) and it is more of a suburb of Metro Manila.  So it will be very urban and crowded – but it might have a CHILIS restaurant in my area! OH YEAH!!! haha.

So even though I am excited to get to a new area, I am a little sad to leave my current location.  I loved this area.  I just hope I can make some things work in Las Pinas and learn even more.  It seems like in every new area there is kind of a theme that you find that comes up out of nowhere that you need to learn and it lasts the whole time you’re there. So i’m excited to know what will happen.

Well that is about it.  I love you guys so much – thanks for all of the support and prayers!


Elder Hunter Burbidge

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