Recovering from Typhoon Glenda

Hello everyone!

I have been transferred to my third city in the Philippines and am now serving in the San Gabriel Ward near the city of General Mariano Alvarez.  Apparently it is only one bus-ride away from Tyler’s area!!! I see the writing “Calamba” on the jeepneys here.. haha – so close but so far away!

The storm (Typhoon Glenda) was pretty fun!  We didn’t go out, but we watched from the windows of our house.  When it hit us we woke up at 3:30 a.m. and the wind was tearing through the streets outside and whipping the palm trees like small toys.  It didn’t flood bad, maybe 6-7 inches or so, but it was in the streets and it came from the river so there were fish swimming around in there and stuff so we starting shooting them with my friend’s (Elder Anderson from Mt. Pleasant, UT) slingshot…it was great.  Our power was out in Kawit, but we had running water still.  When I got to San Gabriel, there was no 72 hour kit so no food, drinking water, electricity…and even more importantly…NO INVESTIGATORS!!

The reason for no teaching pool is a mystery to me but we are going to start working hard and change that around!  I’m still a District Leader and my companion is Filippino and is named Elder Caliguiran.  I can tell we are going to work well together.  He hasn’t quite yet finished his training so still is pretty new to the mission.  I’m going to attach a couple of photos from my old area and new town.

I am safe and doing well so just want you all to know I love you and appreciate all of the support.


Elder Hunter Burbidge

Out in a filed near Kawit.

Out in a filed near Kawit.

My new roomates and companion.  Elder Caligurian is on the far right.

My new roomates and companion. Elder Caliguiran is on the far right.



1 thought on “Recovering from Typhoon Glenda

  1. Thanks Elder Burbidge for your service in the Kawit Ward. It was a delight having you there. I will always remember the times we had to work with you. All the best in your new district. 🙂 -Brother Mark Melo, Nantzu Ward, Kaohsiung Taiwan

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