Plugging Along in Kawit

The Salinas River near Kawit

The Salinas River near Kawit

Hey all!  It seems like I say this every week but this is going to to just be a short blog post this time!  We are striving to introduce and feel the spirit here in our apartment and things are starting to feel better.  It has been interesting to observe the blend of cultures and attitudes between missionaries from the Pacific Islands, Philippines, and me as a guy from the United States.  I am working hard and trying to improve in my leadership responsibilities.

This last week we met a man named Willy – who may have had one too many drinks when we first met him!  So we had to be careful how we taught and clarified to him!  We taught him about Joseph Smith, the restoration of the Gospel, and gave him some pamphlets.  Then we returned on Tuesday to teach him a full lesson. His nephew joined in the conversation and the next door neighbor lady came over and joined in with the group.  It is a weird group to teach because of the age range and lack of a true family connection between all of them, but they are really receptive.  The 11 year-old kid, Kim, went to stake conference with us yesterday and he’s really cool.  He wants to be a soldier when he grows up!  So if you would keep them in your prayers we will keep working and teaching them.

I guess that’s about it for now – I gotta run but please know that I love and miss you all!


Elder Hunter Charles Burbidge

Kawit toll booth

Toll booth near the coastal highway in Kawit

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