Getting Settled in Kawit

Hello everybody!   So I’m in a new area! It’s called Kawit. It’s near Cavite City and Noveleta in the province of Cavite in the Philippines. It’s been difficult to adjust to a new area, but it is definitely worth it! I’ve learned so much in the last two weeks about how Jesus Christ guides us and our decisions, and as well how to deal with difficult situations. The moral of the story is that Christ lives. He helps us every day. He will give us guidance as long as we keep His commandments. It’s as easy as that!

Elder Hunter Burbidge in his new area of Kawit.

Elder Hunter Burbidge in his new area of Kawit.

Sometimes we feel like we can’t do some of the things that we are asked to do. In every aspect of our lives we have challenges and temptations that can bring us down. BUT as well put these things on the Savior and let Him carry us through our trials, we will receive direct guidance and help from Him through the Holy Ghost.

We have been teaching this group of young guys (ages 17-23) for the last two weeks. They love to play basketball and really desire to change some of the habits that they have developed previously in their lives. One of them already wants to serve a mission! He’s a good example of how Christ can touch lives.

We had President Tye come to our district meeting this week! We did a practice teaching activity on asking inspired questions to investigators. I was able to listen in a little bit of his teaching. It was so direct because of the limited tagalog that was used, but it helped me realize that these things are so true. If we get too wrapped up in other things in our life and forget about the most important, direct, and simple things, we will miss the target. We will forget our purpose here on earth, which is to become more like our Heavenly Father. I know that this is His Kingdom here on earth. I know that He has given us and will give us opportunities to partake of His sacred gospel. When it is placed before you, TAKE IT! Use it.

I’m thankful for the support from home! Keep striving to be the best you can be always! President Tye says, “Striving isn’t striving unless you are struggling.” So, it is okay to struggle, but learn from it. If you feel yourself stressed, it means that you’re changing. Just make sure that the change is in a positive direction. Ingat po kayo palagi!


Elder Hunter Burbidge


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