Time for “Super Summer” in the PA

Hello everyone!

It looks like there was some snow in the Pacific Northwest last night! Not here in the South Pacific.  I just showed my Filippino companion the pictures my family sent me of the snow at home and he was totally amazed!  I’m jealous because it’s been super hot this week. We’re going in to a season called, “SUPER SUMMER” which goes from March to May or so… I guess it gets supppper hot. I’m not too excited, but by the time I know it, I’ll be over that as well, and adjusted!  I appreciate hearing about when members back home help the missionaries. Those people who help the missionaries will be remembered for their assistance forever in the mind of the missionary. I know it!

Getting ready for the "Super Summer" by staying hydrated!

Getting ready for the “Super Summer” by staying hydrated!

We reached our goal for less active and recent convert lessons and had NINE less active members at church on Sunday!  I just want to let you all know that God has a plan for each one of us. He puts us in line with certain people for a reason. I’ve gained some great insights about that out here in the mission field. I’ve met so many people that I’ve become close friends with. I’m now at the 6 month mark in my mission! I’m thankful to be a missionary of Jesus Christ. I love it! There’s nothing else like it. It has helped me grow immensely. I know it’s a true work.

Hope everybody has a good week!

Also, Happy Valentines day to everybody!

-Elder Hunter Burbidge

My companion, Elder Doloritos, and our friend Kieth, who did missionary work with us all week long last week!

My companion, Elder Doloritos, and our friend Kieth, who did missionary work with us all week long last week!

1 thought on “Time for “Super Summer” in the PA

  1. I saw a “normal” looking house in the background of one of your pictures. Wow, I guess I was expecting something more primitive or hut like.

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