Another Week in the Mission 1/20/14

Hi everyone! There is not much new to report this week but transfers are coming up soon and I am not sure if I’m transferring or not. I’m excited for this next week. I’m going to focus on becoming a better teacher. It’s something I kind of struggle with. I wish I could get better, it’s just really hard for me. Other than that, this week should be good. Nothing too big, but just another week in the life of a missionary!

I was pretty sick last week, but it’s okay because I’m feeling better now, but on Wednesday here I had some pretty severe gastro-intestinal distress!!  It’s gone now, but it was pretty difficult haha I couldn’t keep anything down, not even water, until the next day. My roommates and my companion took really good care of me though!

I’m really trying to devote my time to Heavenly Father.  The rest of my week was just okay because we didn’t have very many lessons due to my being sick, and it was hard to get back in to the swing of things, so I’m still working on that a little bit.

In regards to the Seahawks, no I can’t watch the games, but I have friends here that I’m rooting against.  An elder in an area close to mine is a huge 49ers fan, so it’ll be fun to rub it in his face. Go Hawks!!

Well, that’s it for this week!  Sending out love to everyone back home!!


Elder Hunter Burbidge


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