Letter From Tanza, 1/5/14

Hello everyone – I am writing this blog post on what seems like just another P-day! P-days always seem like they’ll be awesome, but then it’s just laundry and sweating haha but HEY, That’s okay! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how long I’ve been out on my mission, it’s crazy! right – time seems to be going by very quickly!

Elder Hunter Burbidge and Elder Doloritos near the sea shore.

Elder Hunter Burbidge and Elder Doloritos near the sea shore.

It’s getting hotter every day it seems like, But at least it seems to cool off at night usually which is nice! The work is doing a little better than usual. We’ve been really focusing on extending baptismal dates on the first lesson that we teach, so we have more baptismal dates than I’ve ever had on my mission so far, but the sad part is I might be gone by the time they get baptized! I’ll talk more about that later. We have a zone meeting tomorrow and I’m going on exchanges (which is a 24 hour companion swap with our leaders) with Elder Anderson from Puyallup! I’m excited, he’s a really funny guy! Also, later on this week we have some return appointments for some people that we taught earlier. And we also have some really good dinner appointments to look forward to as well haha I’m guessing that this week will fly by!

My language is getting a little better. Last night we were teaching this less active family and a branch missionary was working with us. After the lesson he said, “Magaling ka na sa tagalog!” ( I don’t even know if that’s correct grammar) but it means, “Now you’re good in tagalog!” I was like, “Yeah right…” He went on to say that he could tell I was improving. I used to use a little bit of english in our lessons, but now I really try to limit myself to the tagalog that I know. I’m getting more conversational. I’m not there yet, and it varies every day, but I can feel that I’m getting better! I don’t want to sound over-confident but at least it feels like I’m improving.

Recently we’ve found two or three part member families to teach which is really good because they already have a little background about the church. I’ve been wanting to teach part member families for such a long time and this last week I think we had four! I’m getting pretty close to the Elders Quorum President of our branch. He reminds me a lot of Grandpa Reed. He’s also really funny and he likes to interact with the missionaries. He is also fitting two of my shirts because they’re getting a little too big!

Elder Burbidge and the Branch Elder's Quorum President.

Elder Burbidge and the Branch Elder’s Quorum President.

We’re still teaching Janet and Dennis if you remember who they are, I think I talked about them earlier. And we are teaching another couple that have three little kids and the wife isn’t a member yet. Their names are Rhea and Edmar. So I’m excited with that. It always helps when a member is present to help explain things more to the exact needs of the investigator. Please keep these individuals in your prayers that they will progress and accept the gospel.

The next transfers are on the 29th or 30th and there is a good possibility that I’ll be transferred to a new area. I’m kinda nervous about it, but if it’s what the Lord wants, I’ll do it!  Well that’s about it for now! The photo below is of a gigantic spider we came across near our apartment! Dad would not like it very much!

Gigantic spider!

Gigantic spider in a web!  You may need to zoom in to see the whole thing!


Elder Hunter Burbidge

2 thoughts on “Letter From Tanza, 1/5/14

  1. No more pictures of spinders, please. Yuck.

    Glad you are doing so well and hope, if you move to another area, it’s a good, easy transition for you. Who knows, maybe you’ll get closer to your brother. Dallas went back to college yesterday and I saw Alex Watkins over the break. It’s amazing how grown up you all are now. You are all turning out to be very nice young men but your experience is changing you even more, especially for the better. NGUNNGU

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